Attack on Titan Live Action Movie 1 Subbed

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8 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Live Action Movie 1 Subbed

  1. The film is amazing but… they kill the power of girls… really?The main character Mikasa became just a retard girl and dead… what is the problem with the japanese people in accept superior girls?

    1. im half japanese, and its true. everythings sexist in japan, but its so interwoven in the fundamental culture and language, nobody even notices it.

  2. Okay so I finally decided to watch this after all but I stopped after around 1 hour. What a waste of time.I didn’t even care that they’re all Japanese and I wouldn’t have cared if they changed the story a little bit but they changed fucking EVERYTHING. Apparently Eren’s parents are already dead when his father is an important character, the colossal titan destroyed the wall even though they would never do that. They destroyed the gates. Mikasa is totally out of character and so is Armin. Many characters missing. Female titans with tits, a baby Titan, they got cars and other modern stuff and so on. I don’t even want to know what else they fucked up. There’s nothing good about it except the costumes. People that don’t know or don’t care about the original story might like this perhaps

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